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LITTLE RUSSIAN BOOKS by David Singmaster

Last amended on 4 agosto 1996. LML = Little Mathematics Library, MIR. PLM = Popular Lectures in Mathematics, Blaisdell & Pergamon. PML = Pocket Mathematical Library, Gordon and Breach. TiM = Topics in Mathematics, Heath. Argunov, B. I. & Skornyakov, L. A. Configuration Theorems. TiM. (1957), trans. by Edgar E. Enochs & Robert B. Brown. Heath, 1963. Barsov, A. S. What is Linear Programming? TiM. (1959), trans. by Michael B. P. Slater & Daniel A. Levine. Heath, 1964. Beskin, N. M. Dividing a Segment in a Given Ratio. LML. (1973), trans. by V. Zhitomirsky. MIR, 1975. Fascinating Fractions. LML. (1980), trans. by V. I. Kisin. MIR, 1986. Boltyanskii, V. C. Envelopes. PLM 12. Trans. by Robert B. Brown. Pergamon, 1964, HB. Equivalent and Equidecomposable Figures. TiM. (1956), trans. by Alfred K. Henn & Charles E. Watts. Heath, 1963. Boltyanskii, Vladimir Grigor'evich & Gohberg, Izrail' Tsudikovich. The Decomposition of Figures into Smaller Parts. PLM ??. Trans. by Henry Christoffers & Thomas P. Branson. Univ. of Chicago Press, 1980. Domoryad, A. P. Mathematical Games and Pastimes. PLM 10. (1961), trans. by Halina Moss. Pergamon, 1963. Dubnov, Ya. S. Mistakes in Geometric Proofs. TiM. (2nd ed, 1955), trans. by Alfred K. Henn & Olga A. Titelbaum. Heath, 1963. Dynkin, Eugene B.; Molchanov, S. A.; Rozental, A. L. & Tolpygo, A. K. Mathematical Problems: An Anthology. Revised English Ed. Trans. by Richard A. Silverman. PML Workbook 3, Gordon and Breach, nd [1968?]. XEROX. Dynkin, Eugene B. & Uspenskii, V. A. Multicolor Problems. Heath, 1963. Problems in the Theory of Numbers. (1952); Heath, 1963. Random Walks. Heath, 1963. From estate of J. H. Cadwell. Ehrenfeucht, Aniela. The Cube Made Interesting. (As: Ciekawy Sz_cian, PWN, 1960.) Translated by Wac_aw Zawadowski. PLM 9, Pergamon, 1964. Fetisov, A. I. Proof in Geometry. LML (also was TiM). Trans. by Mark Samokhvalov. MIR, (1977), 2nd ptg, 1982. Gelfand, I. M.; Glagoleva, E. G. & Kirillov, A. A. Trans. by Richard A. Silverman. PML Primer 1. Gordon and Breach, 1969. Golovina, L. I. & Yaglom, I. M. Induction in Geometry. TiM. (2nd ed, 1961), trans. by A. W. Goodman & Olga A. Titelbaum. Heath, 1963. Kaluzhnin, L. A. The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic. LML. Trans. by Ram S. Wadhwa. MIR, 1979. Khurgin, Ya. I. Did You Say Mathematics? Trans. by George Yankovsky. MIR, (1974), 2nd ptg, 1984. Yes, No or Maybe. (1983), trans. by Alxander Repyev. MIR, 1985. Korovkin, P. P. Differentiation. (1963). Trans. and adapted by Richard A. Silverman. PML Course 2. Gordon and Breach, 1969. Inequalities. PLM 6. (1952), trans. by Halina Moss. Blaisdell, 1961. Kostovskii, A. N. Geometrical Constructions Using Compasses Only. PLM 4. (1959), trans. by Halina Moss. Pergamon, 1961, HB. Kurosh, A. G. Algebraic Equations of Arbitrary Degrees. LML. (1975), trans. by V. Kisin. MIR, (1977), 2nd ptg, 1984. Lopshits, A. M. Computation of Areas of Oriented Figures. TiM. (1956), trans. by J. Massalski & Coley Mills Jr. Heath, 1963. Lyubich, Yu. I. & Shor, L. A. The Kinematic Method in Geometrical Problems. LML. (1976), trans. by. Vladimir Shokurov. MIR, 1980. Lyusternik, L. A. The Shortest Lines. LML (PLM 13). Trans. by Yuri Ermolyev. MIR, (1976), 2nd ptg, 1983. Markushevich, A. I. Areas and Logarithms. LML (also was TiM). (1979); trans. by I. Aleksanova. MIR, 1981. Complex Numbers and Conformal Mappings. LML (= PLM 8). (1979), trans. by Irene Aleksanova. MIR, 1982. Infinite Series. Trans. from 3rd Russian ed. of 1961 by Irena Zygmund. Heath, 1967. Recursion Sequences. LML. Trans. by V. Zhitomirsky. MIR, (1975), 2nd ptg, 1983. Remarkable Curves. LML. (1978), trans. by Yu. A. Zdorovov. MIR, 1980. Rosenfeld, B. A. & Sergeeva, N. D. Stereographic Projection. LML. (1973), trans by Vitaly Kisin. MIR, 1977. Shilov, G. E. Calculus of Rational Functions. LML. Trans. by V. I. Kisin. MIR, (1976), 2nd ptg, 1982. Plotting Graphs. LML (was half of a TiM). Trans. by S. Sosinsky. MIR, (1978), 2nd ptg, 1985. Shreider, Ju. A. Equality, Resemblance, and Order. (1971), trans. by Martin Greendlinger. MIR, 1975, HB. Shreider, Yu. A. What is Distance? PLM. Trans. by Leslie Cohn & Harvey Edelberg. Univ. of Chicago Press, 1974. Sierpi_ski, Wac_aw. A Selection of Problems in the Theory of Numbers. (PWN, 1964.) Translated by Ambikeshwar Sharma. PLM 11, Pergamon/Macmillan, 1964, HB. Skornyakov, L. A. Systems of Linear Equations. LML. (1986), trans. by Eugene Yankovsky. MIR, 1988. Smogorzhevskii, A. S. The Ruler in Geometrical Constructions. PLM 5. (1957), trans by Halina Moss. Blaisdell, 1961. Smogorzhevsky, A. S. Lobachevskian Geometry. LML. Trans. by V. Kisin. MIR, (1976), 2nd ptg, 1982. The Method of Coordinates. LML. Trans. by Ram S. Wadwha. MIR, (1980), 2nd ptg, 1984. Sobol, I. M. The Monte Carlo Method. LML. (1967; 2nd ed, 1971), trans. by V. I. Kisin. MIR, (1975), 2nd ptg, 1984. Solodovnikov, A. S. Systems of Linear Inequalities. LML. (1977), Trans. by Vladimir Shokurov. MIR, 1979. Sominsky, I. S. The Method of Mathematical Induction. LML (= PLM 1 and was TiM). (1974), trans. by Martin Greendlinger. MIR, (1975), 2nd ptg, 1983. Steinhaus, Hugo. One Hundred Problems in Elementary Mathematics. (PWN, 1963); PLM 7, Pergamon, 1963; Basic, 1964. Straszewicz, S. Mathematical Problems and Puzzles from the Polish Mathematical Olympiads. (PWN, 1965); PLM??, translated by J. SmĒlska, Pergamon, 1965, HB. Trakhtenbrot, B. A. Algorithms and Automatic Computing Machines. TiM. (2nd ed, 1960), trans. by Jerome Kristian, James D. McCawley & Samueal A. Schmitt. Heath, 1963. Uspenskii, V. A. Pascal's Triangle. PLM ??. Trans. by David J. Sookne and Timothy McLarnan. Univ. of Chicago Press, 1974. Some Applications of Mechanics to Mathematics. PLM 3. (1958), trans. by Halina Moss. Pergamon, 1961, HB. Uspensky, V. A. G”del's Incompleteness Theorem. LML. (1982), translated & revised by Neal Koblitz. MIR, 1987. Post's Machine. LML. (1979), trans. by R. Alavina. MIR, 1983. Vasilyev, N. & Gutenmacher, V. Straight Lines and Curves. (1978), trans by Anjan Kundu. MIR, (1980), 2nd ptg, 1985. Venttsel', E. S. An Introduction to the Theory of Games. TiM. (1959), trans. by Jerome Kristian and Michael B. P. Slater. Heath, 1963. Vilenkin, N. Ya. Combinatorial Mathematics for Recreation. (1969), trans. by George Yankovsky. MIR, 1972, HB. Method of Succesive Approximations. LML (= PLM 15). Trans. by Mark Samokhvalov. MIR, 1979. Vorob'ev, N. N. Criteria for Divisibility. PLM ??. Trans. by Daniel A. Levine & Timothy McLarnan. Univ. of Chicago Press, 1980. Fibonacci Numbers. PLM 2. Trans. by Halina Moss. (1951); Blaisdell, 1961. Vorobyov, N. N. The Fibonacci Numbers. TiM (= PLM 2). (1951); Trans. by Norman D. Whaland Jr. & Olga A. Titelbaum. Heath, 1963. Yaglom, I. M. An Unusual Algebra. LML. Trans. by I. G. Volosova. MIR, 1978. PLM. * items I have, but are not listed above. [ ] items I don't have. 1 - Sominskii; 2 - Vorob'ev: Fibonacci; 3 - Uspenskii: Some Applications; 4 - Kostovskii; 5 - Smogorzhevskii: Ruler; 6 - Korovkin: Inequalities; 7 - Steinhaus; 8 - Markushevich: Complex Numbers; 9 - Ehrenfeucht; 10 - Domoryad; 11 - Sierpinski: Selection of Problems; 12 - Boltyanskii: Envelopes; 13 - Lyusternik; [14 - B. E. Margulis: Systems of Linear Equations;] 15 - Vilenkin: Successive; ?? - Boltyanskii & Gohberg; Straszewicz; Uspenskii: Pascal; Vorob'ev: Criteria. TiM Argunov & Skornyakov; Barsov; Boltyanskii: Equivalent; Dubnov; Fetisov; Golovina & Yaglom; Lopshits; Markushevich: Areas; [I. P. Natanson: Summation of Infinitely Small Quantities;] [V. G. Shervatov: Hyperbolic Functions;] Shilov: Plotting; [Shilov & Natanson: Simplest Maxima and Minima Problems]; Sominskii; Trakhtenbrot; Venttsel'; Vorobyov: Fibonacci. OTHER HEATH Dynkin & Uspenskii - three books; Markushevich: Infinite Series; Univ. of Chicago Boltyanskii & Gohberg; Shreider: Distance; Uspenskii: Pascal; Vorob'ev: Criteria PML Primers 1 & 2. I. M. Gelfand et al.: The Coordinate Method; [Functions and Graphs.] Workbooks 1 & 2. S. I. Gelfand et al.: [Sequences and Combinatorial Problems; Learn Limits Through Problems.] Workbook 3. E. B. Dynkin et al.: Mathematical Problems: An Anthology - XEROX. Courses 1 & 2. P. P. Korovkin: [Limits and Continuity;] Differentiation.

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