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R.M. Kurchan's collection of Stamps related with Puzzles

Here I propose an extract of my Stamp collection about Puzzles, related Game fields and some eminent personage of the science. With my stamps collection I include also some old postcards and some banknote.
For your hints or help questions, write me.

Cheer, Rodolfo M. Kurchan

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Albert EINSTEIN: Topic Index
Just some of the stamps that exist about Einstein.

USA First Day Cover

from San Marino.

from USA

from Israel

from Switzerland

from Italy

from Monaco

from Ghana

from DDR

from Uruguay

from Zaire

from Cuba

from Poland

from Paraguay

one more from Israel

Argentinean First Day Cover.
Click on the Stamps to see a large image.

various GAMES: Topic Index

Alicie in Wonderland from England.

Here is a 1900 Argentinian postcard of Gauchos playing Truco, a very famous game played here.

Old postcard from Algerie of people playing Domino.

Game of Domino from Poland

and Cuba.

Game of d'Ekian from Cote d'Ivoire.

Game of Go from China.

Checkers from Netherlands.

World Rapid Chess Championship from Azerbaijan.

Chess First Day Cover on L.Borges' poetry.

Cards of Bridge game from Belgium.

Cards from Spain

and Barbados.
Click on the Stamps to see a large image.

MATHS in the Puzzles: Topic Index

Pitagoras from Greece

from Macedonia

from Nicaragua.

Moebius from Brazil

from Belgium, there is a similar one from Netherlands.

Fractals from Israel.

Germany: Almost square squared.

Cube from Austria.

Triangle from Israel.

3 impossible figures from Sweden.

First (and unique?) stereograms Stamps from Guernsey.

Here is an old Banknote from Argentina with a reversal number!!. If you turn it down you will see the same number.
Click on the Stamps to see a large image.

RUBIK Cube: Topic Index

Donald with Rubik cube

Hungary Rubik first stamp with and without perforation

Hungary Rubik stamp in First Day Cover sent to my father in 1982.
Click on the Stamps to see a large image.

WORD Puzzles: Topic Index

Here is an Old Postcard with a very big Name.
Click on the Stamps to see a large image.

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