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WHO I AM? A short Rodolfo Marcelo Kurchan's bio-bibliography!

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I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on March 21st of 1971.
My first creative colaborations appeared in the argentine magazine "Juegos" in 1983.
Now I am a member of "Los Acertijeros"a small group of puzzle funs from Argentina. Every two months we prepare and send each other a bulletin with original puzzles, also includes the solutions to proposed problems published in the previous bulletins.
Different puzzles of my invention appeared in magazines like "El Acertijo" (Argentina), "Journal of Recreational Mathematics" (U.S.A.), "World Game Review" (U.S.A.), "Cubism For Fun" (Netherlands), "Games" (U.S.A.), "Jouer Jeux Mathematiques" (France) and in the book "Brain Twisters" (U.S.A.).
Iíve published the booklet about pentominoes "Figuras para Divertirse".
In 1992 I was one of the 4 members from Argentina that participated in the First World Puzzle Championship, In New York, where participated 13 countries and 52 people. In the team results, Argentina placed second after U.S.A. and in the individual position I was placed 5th.
Since October 1994 I edit PUZZLE FUN a bulletin about polyominoes and other puzzles.
In 1997 I was the first Argentinian to be at an international Puzzle Party. Iíve been in San Francisco, in the 17th International Puzzle Party where each one exchanged a puzzle of his invention with more than 80 participants of different parts of the World. I probably have the biggest collection of puzzles in Argentina, with 500+ different mechanical puzzles.
I finished my studies in systems analist (that I started to learn how to solve some puzzles using the computers), and I work at a stamp and numismatic shop in Buenos Aires with my father and my brother (a selection of my Puzzle Stamp collection you will find here!).
In August 1999 I participated in the 19th IPP in London. My puzzles was an sliding block puzzle invented with Serhiy Grabarchuk. The idea is go from 1999 to 2000. I was very happy that one of my sliding block puzzles was given to each participant as a present. Thanks to Edward Hordern and James Dalgety for this. The best solution is in 26 moves.

You can see it here.
On weekends I go to a club where I practice different sports, specially basket-ball and volley-ball.

Cheer, Rodolfo M. Kurchan

Rodolfo Marcelo Kurchan
My sign from Scott Kim. Is incredible how he could make my complete name reversible in a few minutes.
It's a pitty that he put Rodolfo as Rudolfo.

from newspaper "La Nacion" August 18, 1999

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Rodolfo Marcelo Kurchan / Lavalle 3340 21"3" / (1190) Buenos Aires - Argentina
eMail: rodolfo@kurchan.com.ar

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