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This is a $100 PRIZE CONTEST, from my magazine PUZZLE FUN,
number 19, page 20 from JUNE 1998

I will pay $100 to the best solution to problem #593 and #594. The prize will be paid in cash for Puzzle Fun subscribers, and with P.F. bulletins if the winner it is not a P.F. subscriber.
If there is more than one winner, the prize will be shared. Solution to problem #593) will be more important than the solution to problem #594).
I will consider all the solutions I received by letter until December 31, 1998.

Cheer, Rodolfo M. Kurchan

Inflated Polyominoes:
#592I have the 5 tetrominoes, and I quintuplicate one, then I cuadruplicate other, I triplicate the 3rd one, duplicate the 4th one and I have the last one single.
The area of the five pieces is 220 and I want to put them in the rectangle of smallest area. My best solution is: 13 x 18 = 234 - 220 = 14

#593as #592 but for pentominoes, from 1 single to one 12 times bigger. The area is: 3250

Overlaping squares:
#594I want to fill the biggest area rectangle with the tetrominoes inflated from 1 to 5, allowing overlaping squares, my best solution is: 1 to 5: 14 x 14 = 196 - 220 = 24

What is your best solution for the pentominoes?

Only 2 people were encouraged to participate in the 1998 Puzzle Fun Contest. In a very tied definition Miguel Aparisi Botella (from Spain) found the best solutions, overcoming to Michael Reid (from USA).

#593I Put the 12 pentominoes without repeating, from 1 single to one 12 times bigger in the smallest possible rectangle: Miguel Aparisi Botella (Spain) found two solution in a 54 x 64 = 3456 rectangle:

Click on the picture to see large images.

#594I Fill the biggest area rectangle with the inflated pentominoes from 1 to 12, allowing overlaping squares: Miguel Aparisi Botella (Spain) found a solution in a 52 x 58 = 3016 rectangle:

Click on the picture to see large image.

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eMail: rodolfo@kurchan.com.ar

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